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Hey, my name is Yaneira and welcome to my room. I love to draw, write poems, tell stories. Live in new york. Also am an hispanic-american. 20 years old, go to college. Love Sigmund Freud, anime, horror, and morbid things In Addition I could be say things bluntly. but that's just me.

I will not speak

I been beaten

But I will not speak.

Watch people scream for their lives,
But I will not speak,

bullied, scream at, mentally hurt,

But I will not speak.

Mother died alone,

But I will not speak,

push away,

But I will not speak.

Left alone,

But I will not speak.

Who do I turn when there in no one there.

Walking around as if they don't care.

Am telling you that my pain, tears, or sorrow.

Are nothing but air...

I all need is me...

I been a room,

Where I feel there is no walls,

No VOICES at all.

How I live with my pain, and guilt.

I can let it go, AND SAID!!!!

No More,....

I am me, 

And I will change.

I will speak and I can say it again.

You can't hurt me anymore.

I keep the bruise you gave.

It will be symbol.

That I won today.