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Hey, my name is Yaneira and welcome to my room. I love to draw, write poems, tell stories. Live in new york. Also am an hispanic-american. 20 years old, go to college. Love Sigmund Freud, anime, horror, and morbid things In Addition I could be say things bluntly. but that's just me.
January 2014
"If I could film, we'd film every episode of 'Doctor Who' in New York. I have an affinity with the city. It has some wonderful..."
text: I will not speak
I been beaten But I will not speak. Watch people scream for their lives,But I will not speak, bullied, scream at, mentally hu...
text: broken girl
Can’t win Can’t fight Torn Between the one you love, And the one you hate. Painful To pour tears of lover’s lost. No jobs, No...
January 2014
reblogged: Reading progress update: I've read 64 out of 239 pages.
from Lornographic Material
I would not be reading this if one of my best friends hadn't recommended it. And that would have been a real shame. I watc...
Warm Bodies: A Novel - Isaac Marion
reblogged: Not for me...
from Susana "Lost in Fantasy Land"
DNF at 64% This seemed to be a really promising story. If well developed, of course. Due to the theme of the book...
Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway
January 2014
reblogged: My Thoughts on the Carrie Remake.
from Lornographic Material
Stow your indignation at the door. This is my opinion, not yours. Ready? Okay, read on. The most recent film adaptation of ...
text: The images of me
Looking into mirror,and what do I see…a fat, stupid, dumb fuck…when that not the real me…Touch the fat lumps on me… on my fac...
reviewed: Marked (House of Night #1)
I thought very funny, but kind of bad book type of funny. you know the kind when first read a few pages of a character and se...
text: My Eyes
I wear glasses to see better.. But is worth it, To take a look at one girl and say "she fat.." "She so fat, the make the flo...