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Hey, my name is Yaneira and welcome to my room. I love to draw, write poems, tell stories. Live in new york. Also am an hispanic-american. 20 years old, go to college. Love Sigmund Freud, anime, horror, and morbid things In Addition I could be say things bluntly. but that's just me.

broken girl

Can’t win

Can’t fight


Between the one you love,

And the one you hate.


To pour tears of lover’s lost.

No jobs,

No money,


Deeper and deeper

the hole grows

feeling of sadness, emotionless, fear

Of being alone…

My love is a recycle bin

Bruised form when am soar.

But like a drug..

Where look for more.

Can’t leave

Can’t stay away…

I don’t want to be fool a boy behind the smile,

Glow, hottness, and smoken.

But I also don’t want to be

Forever broken