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Hey, my name is Yaneira and welcome to my room. I love to draw, write poems, tell stories. Live in new york. Also am an hispanic-american. 20 years old, go to college. Love Sigmund Freud, anime, horror, and morbid things In Addition I could be say things bluntly. but that's just me.

My Eyes

I wear glasses to see better..

But is worth it,

To take a look at one girl 

and say "she fat.."

"She so fat, the make the floor shake..."

"Make the table break,"

But that's what we say in our eyes...

We look then judge...

 it's no surprise

EWWW! look at her hair,

some maybe silence, 

Stalk and stare

Then let their eyes talk..

their eyes move up and down,

Or their eyes roll aound

Maybe that girl can't help but to be fat,

Maybe she puke and choke...

And have pain attack

To say, " I hate my rolls, and huge gut."

"I hate the people looks,"

"How they laugh at my butt..."

Their eyes tell me "you are dumb, 

To get question wrong...

"Stupid, Idiot, and dumb...

"Lets point and laugh and make fun..

"To look and stare..."

"It will say it all,"

"To know my flaw are downfall.."

Kids laugh in a perfect glee...

But their eyes stare at the girl...

And say more then what it seem.