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Hey, my name is Yaneira and welcome to my room. I love to draw, write poems, tell stories. Live in new york. Also am an hispanic-american. 20 years old, go to college. Love Sigmund Freud, anime, horror, and morbid things In Addition I could be say things bluntly. but that's just me.

Marked (House of Night #1)

I thought very funny, but kind of bad book type of funny. you know the kind when first read a few pages of a character and see badly developed they are. I kind of make you laugh a little. So this is book is to bad to even finished...I thought main character a complete bitch, and if Zoey redbird, there girl you suppose to root for, or I guess feel bad for because she had "terrible childhood" where never love by her mother who make her seem like mindless dumdass; was a real person, then her chick to kick in the face. Because she don't then thing says in her mind it sounds cool but she really sound like jack ass. I mean her concept of goths that "that don't take bath, where in fuck you got that idea from, or how cat have a "history relation" to vampire. Oh yeah, why do the are to authors spell vampire with y, it make the book more different then all the other vampire book out there. I tell this, not even ke$ha makes her name look cool or unique, when really it make look you can't spell correctly. Oh, Zoey is a HUGE HYPOCRITE! she like to her friend shallow, but when Zoey's boyfriend in the first suffer from a drinking problem and called her boyfriend kisses "tastes like feet, oh how she say the alcohol will make you fat. In addition, Zoey calls a lot girl character because they sleep around, but one of the book Zoey sleep with her teacher and juggle three guys as love interest...wow. Am not even going to part where Zoey thinks that girls with eating disorders do the thing that they do is because they Idolize paris hilton..this is the main character. That point out that she a Mary sue or that she calls her sister a slut.